Steam Distributing Coils or “No-Freeze Coils”

Steam Distributing Coils or “No-Freeze Coils” Steam distributing coils are designed to minimize the potential of freezing when the coil sees air temperature below 40˚F or operates on a system with modulating steam pressure. Steam Distributing coils insert an inner tube down the entire length of the […]


Single Source Responsibility

Single Source Responsibility There are many coil manufacturers to choose from when buying a new or replacement steam or fluid coil. The list gets much smaller if you need a heavy-duty industrial coil. The list gets really small if you also need a housing, transition, filters, fans […]


Common Industrial Coil Terms

Industrial Coils: Common Terms Fin length – length of finned area measured in the same direction as the tubes Fin height – height of finned area measured in the same direction as the header (90o to tubes, or “tubes high” direction) Case height – height of the […]


Coil Housing Types

Coil Housing Types Slide-out housings Slide-out housings are used in applications where the coils need to be easily removed to facilitate inspection, cleaning, or replacement. The housing contains slots which are sized for the individual coils, which slide in/out and are secured with an attached front bolting […]


Coil Case Types

Coil Case Types All the case types listed below can be constructed with level tubes or with tubes pitched for condensate drainage. Standard – This case has a perimeter flange enclosing the finned area, with headers, connections, and return bends (if applicable) extending beyond the casework. This is […]


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