Steam Coils

Steam coils are coils that use steam to heat air. The steam enters as a gas and condenses to a liquid inside the tubes, giving off the heat to the air. This is a very common way of heating air because there is often a central utility producing steam that is distributed around the manufacturing or processing facility.

Common Materials Used For Steam Coils

  • Low pressure/Light duty: copper tubes with aluminum fins
  • Heavy duty: stainless tubes with aluminum fins (aluminum fins provide 3x’s the heat transfer as stainless steel fins).

There are additional options to be used with steam coils, however, they have their disadvantages in high temperature or high corrosion environments. Advanced Coil specializes in providing the expertise and knowledge required to guarantee a 5-year warranty.

Types of Steam Coils

Advanced Coil manufactures standard steam coils and distribution coils for a variety of industries and applications. Click below to read more.


An ‘S’ coil has connections at opposite ends. This is the best and most common configuration. Click to learn more!



An ‘SU’ has connections on one end and may be used if it were placed up against something, such as a wall. Click to learn more!



The DO models are distributing steam coils with same end connections. Click to learn more!



The DS model are non-freeze coils that have same end connectors. Click to learn more!


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