Peace of Mind Warranty: Three Reasons for Our Level of Confidence


The ACT manufacturing process is superior in virtually every area where it really matters. When mitigating downtime and lost productivity is a priority, ACT provides the durability you need. Learn more about our manufacturing advantages.


Beyond our manufacturing advantages, you need a relationship with a manufacturer you can trust. Our engineering team brings over 50 years of custom coil experience to the table. From new coils, replacements, ASME certification, and legacy coils, our reliability is unmatched.


Don’t just take our word for it. Since 1995 we have stood behind our warranty. Let us prove it to you. Contact us to hear testimonials from other ACT clients.

Why Our Warranty Holds Up Too

Press-Fit Fins & Unexpanded Tube

  • Very strong fin-to-tube bond with excellent heat transfer.
  • Tubes remain in “mill-direct,” most desirable annealed and corrosion resistant condition.
  • Tubes are never expanded or groved.
  • No manufacturing stresses are added.

Free-Floating, Segmented Plate Design

  • Coils constructed using multiple segmented fin bundles.
  • Accommodates unequal thermal expansion and contraction between the fins and headers.
  • Critical in medium to high temperature and/or pressure applications.

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