Superior Bond Strength

Press Fit Fin for Superior Bond Strength

To achieve a superior bond between the fins and the tubes our fins are press fit onto the tubes as opposed to expanding the tubes. In this unique process the compressive strength of the fin material along with the high friction forces of the press operation create a very tight fin bond – higher than can be achieved by expanding the tube into the fin material.  This superior bond results in a coil bundle that can easily stand up to the aggressive cleaning measures and the rigors of the industrial processing environments.

bio2Unexpanded Tubes Reduce the Chance of Stress-Related Coil Failures

Due to our unique press fit design, we do not expand the tubes to achieve the tube-to-fin bond.  Our tubes remain in their mill direct, most desirable, annealed and corrosion resistant condition.  The typical expansion process both thins the tube wall and adds undue stresses to the tube.  ACT’s coil design is less susceptible to stress related coil failures, which is the most common cause of premature failures in stainless steel coils.

Flat Plate Fin Design

Hardened Aluminum and Stainless Steel Fins for Added Fin Strength

Our standard coils utilize either heavy duty 0.025” thick hardened aluminum or 0.015″ stainless steel fins that are press fit onto the coil tube for a superior fin bond that easily stands up to aggressive cleaning measures and the rigors of industrial environments.  Most other manufactures use a thinner, dead soft (annealed) fin material as required by the traditional fin press and assembly process where the tube is expanded into the fins.  The result is that our fins are 3 to 4 times stronger than the typical fins used in our industry. Many different thicknesses as well as copper and carbon steels fins are also available.

Free Floating Tube BundlesFree Floating Tube Bundles to Accommodate Expansion and Contraction Stresses

Our coils are constructed using numerous smaller coil bundles with a 6-row staggered pattern.  This segmented plate fin design eliminates the damaging tube joint stresses which arise out of unequal expansion and contraction between the fin bundles and the coil headers.  This design consideration is very important in medium to high pressure and/or temperature applications where the temperature difference between the air, and thus the tube bundles, and the steam or fluid temperature in the headers is high.

Flat Plate Fin DesignFlat Plate Fin Design for Added Efficiency

The flat plate fin design, as opposed to a spiral wound, corrugated or waffle fin, minimizes the air side pressure drop thereby lowering the energy consumption of the fans.  This same design also provides better tube support, superior thermal performance and increased cleanability when compared with individually wound spiral finned tube coils which have at least 40% more leading edge surface than plate fin coils.

bio2Precision Headers and TIG Welding Ensure High Quality and Reliable Joints

All headers are fabricated with CNC milled tube and connection holes to ensure the tightest possible fit.  The precision fit-up along with highly trained and skilled personnel utilizing TIG (GTAW – gas tungsten arc welding) welding techniques ensure the highest quality, most reliable tube joint possible.

bio2ASME Pressure Vessel Design and Construction to meet your project requirements

All of our coils and high pressure housings can be designed, built and “U” stamped in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Division I.  When requested, all items may also be National Board registered or CRN registered.

bio2Custom Components

In addition to industrial coils, Advanced Coil also designs and builds custom cases and housings that incorporate slide-out coils, access panels, filter sections and fan/blower units.  We can also supply the complete custom built industrial air handling unit when required.  Packaging these components together provides a better product, single-source responsibility and lower installation costs than assembling the components together on the job site from multiple suppliers.

Five Year Warranty

The Design Advantages listed above along with our decades of knowledge and successful design and manufacturing experience allow us to provide the industries’ longest standard warranty on an industrial welded joint product. 

Advanced Coil proudly fabricates in the USA. View our fabrication statement below.

Advanced Coil Fabricated in the USA Statement


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