Fluid Coils

Fluid coils utilize a fluid inside of the tubes. Technically a fluid is assumed to be any medium that does not change state (e.g. steam changes from a vapor to a gas and refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas). The most common fluids are water, water/glycol mix, thermal fluids (like an oil used for high temperature heating) and effluent streams (waste water coming from a process). As for water, don’t just think about tap water as is can also include lake, stream, or retention pond water.

Water and water/glycol sources are used for medium temperature applications (water glycol temps will be slightly below freezing and obviously any water above 212°F would be steam). Thermal fluids allow for temperatures from 200°F up to 700°F or greater, depending upon the type of fluid.

How to Determine Your Fluid Coil Configuration

  • If you are replacing a coil in an existing system, then the configuration has already been established
  • Otherwise, the direction fo the air flow is most often pre-determined by the process or the layout of the equipment. The orientation of the tubes is either determined by the layout of the equipment or possibly by available space to install/remove the coils. Advanced Coil can find a suitable coil for virtually any configuration.

Our fluid coils can be installed in three possible configurations:

Horizontal Air – Horizontal Tubes

Horizontal Air – Vertical Tubes

Vertical Air – Horizontal Tubes

What are common materials used for fluid coils?

Heavy-duty coils will very often utilize stainless steel tubes and aluminum fins. In certain heat reclaim applications that have a corrosive air stream we may use stainless steel tubes with stainless steel fins, however, this would be determined per case. Although medium temperature fluids use copper or aluminum fins, Advanced Coild specializes in high temperature applications where our expertise allows for long-lasting products backed by our 5 year warranty.

Our Fluid Coils can be designed and are built to meet ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1, U-stamp. Also, when requested, all of our offerings can be National Board registered or CRN registered.


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