Grain & Oilseed Heat Exchangers

Grain & Oilseed Heat Exchangers

grain and oilseed heat exchanger

Advanced Coil knows that grain and seed processing facilities run 24/7 with only a few shutdown periods during the year, so there’s no chance to shut down to replace a failing coil. With this in mind, we have created energy-efficient, cost-effective coils that come with the industry’s only standard 5-year warranty. This ensures that your facility will minimize downtime due to both routine maintenance and unexpected coil failures.

Though the air is often filtered in grain processing facilities, fine dust particles are still able to cause deposits on the coil face. To combat this issue, our plate fin design and wider fin spacing are specifically designed to reduce the amount of particulate buildup. We offer heavy-duty fins, made from half-hard aluminum in thicknesses of 0.016”, 0.025”, 0.032” and 0.040” that can withstand the rigors of high pressure washing, and 304 or 316 Stainless steel fins in thicknesses of 0.010”, 0.015” and 0.020” that are suitable for highly corrosive environments. We use 7/8″ OD tubing made from either 304L or 316L stainless steel or carbon steel with wall thickness of 0.049″, 0.083″ or 0.109″.

Why choose Advanced Coil?

Regardless of whether your facility is processing soybeans, corn, wheat, peas, sunflowers, or any seed oils, our quality coils can withstand constant operation. Benefits of using our coils for grain processing applications include:

  • Mechanical processing to enhance evaporation and increase production rate and profitability
  • Reduced amounts of fibrous particulate deposits on the coil face
  • Heavy-duty fins can withstand high pressure washing
  • Reliability and longevity
  • Unexpanded tubes provide a higher level of corrosion protection
  • Welded joint construction that can withstand high pressure steam (>25 psig) and fluid applications

Exchanger Applications in the Grain & Seed Industry

  • Belt dryers
  • Spray dryers
  • Fluid bed dryers
  • Bulk solid dryers
  • Boiler pre-heats
  • Exhaust heat recovery
  • Building air make-up

Our Products for the Grain & Seed Industry

Steam Coils

steam coils for grain and seed processing
All Advanced Coil’s finned steam coils can be customized for specific use in the grain and seed processing industry.

Fluid Coils

fluid coils for grain and seed processing
Advanced Coil’s custom fluid coils are suitable for the grain and speed processing industry.


housings for grain and seed processing
Advanced Coil’s offers several types of housings to accommodate a variety of applications in the grain industry, regardless of operating temperatures.

Bare Tube Coils

bare tube steam coils for grain and seed processing
Advanced Coil can customize bare tube steam coils for your specific grain and seed processing needs.

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