Custom Industrial Replacement Coils

Custom Industrial Replacement Coils

Our engineers have over 75 years of experience in the custom heat exchanger business and can provide the insight needed to produce industrial replacement coils for failed industrial coil units for any application or installation. Advanced Coil will work with you to reverse engineer direct replacement industrial coils to fit your needs. Often, customers look to Advanced Coil to provide upgraded industrial replacement coils to replace standalone or integrated custom coil replacements.

Custom Coil Replacements

Advanced Coil is your trusted partner in replacing custom industrial coils. These industrial coil replacements are built to last and withstand the conditions of your industrial heat exchanger application, bringing you long-lasting, low-maintenance solutions. Our custom coil replacement products include:

The professionals at ACT will work with you every step of the way in your industrial coil replacement application. We guarantee direct replacements or upgrades for failing coil units that meet your specifications and provide our customers with unmatched service.

We have experience providing custom replacement coils across various industries. Whether you are in food processing or pulp and paper, we have you covered. Other industries where we have expertise in custom coil replacements are:

Don’t see your industry? Contact us with your application and we will find the right replacement coil for you!

Industry Leading Coil Warranty

Advanced Coil is proud to offer an industry-leading standard 5-year warranty on industrial replacement coils and all coil products, for all applications. Get the peace of mind you deserve with our long-lasting and high-performing coil products. This warranty has been a part of our business since 1995, exceeding traditional standards and creating satisfied customers. Our products are built to last, and you can rest easy knowing your industrial coil replacement units are covered under our maximized warranty.


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