Custom Air Unit Components

Custom Air Unit Components

Custom Coil Design

Not knowing exactly what you need can become a daunting situation, especially if you are not versed on heat exchanger applications and design parameters. As long as you know what you are trying to achieve our engineers will work directly with you to design a coil or system to fit your requirements.

For starters, we have the background and communication skills to ask you the right questions about the application.  Without the right information even the best engineer will not be able to come up with an adequate design, but with over 75 years of design experience, we have the technical expertise and breadth of experience to properly design a system to meet your specific needs.

Unit Heaters

We do not have a standard unit heater design. We excel when you need a unit heater with a special twist to the application.

  • Steam Heat
  • Panel fan
  • All SS construction
  • Galvanized frame
  • Heated using recovered process water
  • Custom fan housing

Unit Heater Applications

Advanced Coil manufactures unit heaters for a variety of applications & Industries including:


Heat Dumps and Fluid Coolers


Thermal Oil Make-up Air System

• Fan/motor assemblies
• Dampers
• Inlet hoods
• Outlet diffusers
• Service platforms

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