Single Source Responsibility

Single Source Responsibility

There are many coil manufacturers to choose from when buying a new or replacement steam or fluid coil. The list gets much smaller if you need a heavy-duty industrial coil. The list gets really small if you also need a housing, transition, filters, fans or other components.

There are many advantages to working directly with a supplier that can design and build all the components related to your industrial coil project. Below are the top four reasons to find a single-source supplier.

1. Singular Responsibility
One company is held responsible for the full scope of delivery. No pointing fingers. This assumes that the supplier has both the experience and resources required to design, engineer, fabricate and manage the project.

2. Reduced Risk
We are all in the ‘risk reduction’ business. By reducing the number of people/companies involved in a project you decrease the probability that something will be missed, changed or misinterpreted. Why should an owner or rep assume any risk for the design and manufacturing of a system? Even if you have some knowledge or capacity you are still better off to pass the work off to an experienced company who designs and builds integrated, custom systems daily.

3.Minimize Design and Installation Discrepancies
Projects change, details get missed, communication gets dropped – all part of life. This is very problematic when you are dealing with multiple components, from multiple vendors that get integrated on site. Reduce the number of people working on the project and you dramatically improve the odds that the equipment will fit and perform to the specs when it arrives on-site.

4.Lower Administrative Costs
It takes time to manage multiple vendors versus just one. When you factor in the bid/selection process, placing PO’s, communication, receiving and managing payables, a significant amount of time can be saved by working with just one supplier.

Advanced Coil has been designing and building industrial coils, cases, housings, and integrated systems since 1995. Call or email us – we are ready to help you engineer a system for your next project.

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