What does 5-year warranty on heat exchangers mean to you?

Many know that since 1995 Advanced Coil has been building heavy-duty, air-over-fin, welded joint heat exchangers for the industrial and process industries. And we recognize there are many other manufacturers that make the same claims.

But what many do not realize is that one of ACT’s biggest differentiators is our 5-year warranty.

The Only Kind of Warranty in the Industry

When offering a warranty that exceeds traditional standards, as a company, you better have the utmost confidence in your product. When we advertise that ACT heat exchangers are “Engineered to perform and built to last,” the only way to back it up is a different kind of warranty.

Peace of Mind

Not only does our warranty represent confidence in our manufacturing process and quality, but it also represents your peace of mind. This peace of mind comes in knowing that by relying on ACT heat exchangers, you have mitigated your downtime and loss of productivity to a far greater extent than any other products in the market. Your bottom line says it all.

Durable Reliable Proven

Again, the way to prove that ACT heat exchangers are superior in durability is through a maximized warranty. But you also need to know we, through our customer service, will be as reliable as the products we sell. This is why we invite anybody to visit us, take a tour, and ask for case studies or client testimonials. Let us prove it to you.

This is why we have launched a special promotional campaign to highlight and communicate the peace of mind you can attain that our warranty represents. You’ll be seeing it everywhere.

So, what does a 5-year warranty on your heat exchangers mean to you?

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