What does a 5-year warranty mean to the end user?


What does a 5-year warranty mean to the end user?


Simple, it means that you can have peace of mind that you selected and installed the right coil.

Any manufacturer can choose to offer an extended warranty, especially when pushed by the end user as a condition to close a sale. It is a simple risk/reward decision.

But, in a competitive market, if you make it part of your normal business then you better be sure about the decision. It is one thing to deal with the financial ramifications of a project by project basis but dealing with the risk to your company’s reputation is much more significant. Remember what they say, “It takes a lot of Attaboys to make up for one Oh, damn”.

Advanced Coil offers a standard 5-year warranty on all its welded products. We have offered the same warranty for over 20 years. And, we all sleep well at night.

To the end user there are many benefits:

  • Trust that the coils have been engineered for the application
  • Knowledge that the manufacturing process results in a superior product
  • Very low risk of a major failure
  • Increased uptime and longer life result in lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Why can we offer such a great warranty:

  • Because we know that our design and manufacturing process results in a superior product
    • Ask us about the benefits of press fit fins, unexpanded tubes, and free-floating segments
  • Because all our people are good at what they do
  • Because we have 20+ years of experience and data that tells us that it is the right thing to do

Call or email us if you want to learn more about our design and how it can benefit your operations, or simply if you want us to provide a quote for your project.

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