Flat Plate Heat Exchanger

Flat Plate Heat Exchanger


plate fin heat exchanger

Advanced Coil recommends flat plate fins over finned tube exchangers because of several reasons including durability, performance, and higher heat transfers. Plate fin heat exchangers are a type of heat exchanger that uses plates and finned chambers for heat transfer between fluids. These flat plate fins are used for a variety of industries, especially the aerospace industry for its lightweight and compact properties. We recommend construct flat plate exchangers in aluminum because of its hardness properties.

flat plate heat exchangers
plate fin heat exchanger

Plate Fin Heat Exchanger Advantages

The primary advantage of this design is the increase of BTU (British Thermal Unit). Our Plate fin heat exchangers have up to 40% more secondary fin surface area, higher heat transfer rates, and more capacity for an equivalently configured coil.

Another benefit of this design is fouling is minimal, which produces an easier cleanup. Continuous flat fins also minimize coil fouling potential because there are fewer leading edges. Industrial flat plate fins also:


  • Create 40% less leading edge surface means fewer areas to trap debris.
  • Have on two or more row deep coils significantly fewer edges and ‘shadow’ areas to trap debris deep in the coil.

Plate style fins also allow for lower pressure drops, which is an important advantage for industries like aerospace and oil & gas. This style has lower air turbulence resulting in a lower air-side pressure drop. Furthermore, this design results in a lower pressure drop due to less fouling on flat fins.

flat plate heat exchanger

Industrial Flat Plate Fin Materials

Advanced Coil designs and manufactures flat plate fins in copper or aluminum (0.025” or 0.016” aluminum or copper) because the hardeness properites of these materials are able to withstand 3,000 psi pressure washing, foot traffic, and general mishandling that would typically damage most radial or plate fin coils.


Flat Plate Heat Exchanger Applications

Advanced Coil manufactures distributing flat plate heat exchangers for a variety of applications including:

  • Grain/seed processing facilities and equipment
  • Pulp/paper processing facilities and equipment
  • Dairy processing facilities and equipment
  • Food processing facilities and equipment
  • Power plants
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Petroleum/chemical plants
  • Textile factories



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