Industrial Replacement Coils & Hot Pans

Industrial Replacement Coils & Hot Pans

Our engineers have over 75+ years of experience in the industrial heat exchanger business and can provide the insight needed to provide replacement coils for any application or installation.

Advanced Coil will work with you to reverse engineer a direct replacement. Often, customers look to Advanced Coil to provide upgraded coils to replace the light coils provided by the OEM manufacturer.

  • Are you having issues with your freezer coil drain pans?
  • Have the heating circuits failed?
  • Has the pan rusted away?
  • Are you switching from a shift to continuous operation?
  • Are you converting a cooler into a freezer?

Advanced Coil’s exclusive Hot Pan Coils allow you to quickly and easily retrofit new or replacement heating circuits to your freezer drain pans.

Since the circuit sections can be fabricated to any size the assemblies can be designed to facilitate field installations where access is limited.

In the case where the pan also needs to be replaced, ACT can build the insulated drain pan with the integrated heating circuit.

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